Upstate Warrior Solution (Theresa Thompson)

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Upstate Warrior Solution

About the Artwork

“Donnez-moi vos fatigués, votre pauvre, Vos masses entassées qui ont soif de liberté, le misérable refusent de votre rive foisonnante…”

It’s widely recognized as a symbol of freedom, strength, and democracy. Its colors represent purity, valor, and justice. Those who serve wear it with pride and honor and will always defend it with steadfast conviction. Those who pledge their allegiance to it, as committed citizens, live with liberty and hope for a brighter future. A beacon of light, a sense of solidarity, a symbol of those who are united– it’s the American flag.

About the Team

Upstate Warrior Solution is a community based not-for-profit organization located in the Upstate of South Carolina. We provide support services to Warriors (of all generations) and their families. Our mission is to CONNECT Warriors and their families to the resources they need, LEAD them through the process of self-empowerment, and INSPIRE the community to embrace Warriors and their families as valued neighbors and friends.

Our project was built with pride by post 9/11 combat wounded warriors who have sacrificed for a coalition of nations across the world.