Tire Centers, Inc. (David Stratton)

participating on behalf of

South Carolina Rite Care Clinics

About the Artwork

Our project is a recreation of the Liberty Bridge in downtown Greenville, SC. The Upstate is a hub for many international businesses and the Liberty Bridge draws us all together and provides a backdrop for our many cultural celebrations in Greenville. This landmark draws thousands of visitors every year to the Upstate. The construction of our Art Project is made with tire tread for the pedestrian walk, and all the cabling is made from the Tringle, which is the bead cabling inside the tire. Each strand of wire was taken from the Tringle to help represent the look of The Liberty Bridge.

About the Team

Tire Centers, LLC has over 150 locations across the United States that provide a wide range of truck tire services. The team consists of David Stratton, Mike Anderson, Tonya Kompelien, Pam Lemme, Andrea Brown and David Symborski. We are a diverse group with different interests, abilities, and backgrounds. We have one thing in common that is being creative – making an idea into reality and loving the challenge.

We are participating on behalf of South Carolina RiteCare Clinics. Imagine a child with the ability to speak but who cannot form the sounds or the words. It is difficult and frustrating to communicate even the simplest needs. If you cannot communicate, you quickly fall behind. School is hard. Everyday tasks are difficult. South Carolina’s RiteCare Clinics work with young children from all socio-economic backgrounds to provide the speech therapy needed to help these children understand and be understood, and go on to enjoy healthy childhoods as lifelong learners.