Special Olympics South Carolina

participating on behalf of

Special Olympics South Carolina

About the Artwork

The sculpture is intended to be visually stimulating from all angles. With wild uses of 3D protrusions and an energetic look, it is intended to create the feeling of celebration at first glance. The minimal use of color draws your attention to the piece as a whole and not just one part. “UNITE and celebrate international inclusion” is the full name of the piece I have created. The hands rising up out of the nations below represent the theme in visual form. Inclusion and uniting as a community of people has been a theme of Special Olympics South Carolina (my charity of choice) for some time. Producing a sculpture that represented these themes came easily.

About the Team

As a Special Olympics South Carolina volunteer with more than 13 years invested, it is my pleasure to represent them with this art piece. My name is Bruce Clifton and my company is Bullseye Visuals. I am a local graphic designer and illustrator producing on-target marketing material of all types for companies of all sizes. I bring 30 years of professional marketing services to the table to help your business succeed. Please visit my website at www.bullseyevisuals.com. I am very passionate about what I do and I always put 100% into every project and this sculpture is a very real reflection of that commitment.