South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics

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South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics

About the Artwork

By reaching for your potential, you elevate those around you, but to help the world grow requires more than the efforts of one human; it requires a unified effort by all humans to change the world for the better in some way. This sculpture attempts to embody a small piece of that sentiment: people from all walks of life seeking to make something new and beautiful. That effort is similar to those made by Michelin to make a functional product that serves as a means to both see the world and make it a better place to see.

About the Team

There is more than meets the eye at the SC Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics in Hartsville. A two-year, public, residential high school serving high-achieving students from across the state, GSSM celebrates an advanced STEM curriculum along with a nationally acclaimed scientific research program. To fully educate and inspire its multifaceted, multi-talented students, GSSM provides an inspirational open art studio under the direction of Visual Arts Coordinator Patz Fowle. A dedicated team of nine juniors and three seniors from a variety of backgrounds worked with Patz Fowle, and Guest Sculptor Mike Fowle, to create this unusually unique sculpture.

GSSM was founded in 1988 and has graduated 1,642 alumni who have gone on to lead successful careers in medicine, engineering, business, law and education. Our alumni report that “if you can get to GSSM, you can get anywhere.” In addition to college-level STEM courses taught by PhD faculty, GSSM encourages students to embrace creativity, communication, teamwork and citizenship. Should the GSSM sculpture win a financial award, it will be used by the GSSM Foundation to help build an art gallery on our Hartsville campus.