Rainbow Lake Middle School Art Team

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Rainbow Lake Middle School

About the Artwork

We created a tree to represent the celebration of International Inclusion in the Upstate, because International Inclusion is deeply rooted in the Upstate, and it continues to grow. Diverse cultures from various nations help support the communities of the Upstate, like the roots and trunk of a tree. The leaves/fruit are products of seeds (cultures and people from different nations) and they provide life sources for new trees (new cultures coming to the Upstate.) We painted flags on the leaves to represent the various nations that are represented in the Upstate of South Carolina.

About the Team

The Rainbow Lake Middle School Art Team is a group of exceptionally talented 7th and 8th grade students. The members of the Art Team try out at the beginning of the year and are selected based on their academics, artistic talents, and character. Our artwork was constructed by seven Art Team members, Ms. Brock (art teacher) and Mr. Rich Hause, a volunteer.