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About the Artwork

The Upstate excels at various community activities that cater to local and international folk. With examples like the Swamp Rabbit Trail for outdoor enthusiasts or the myriad of dining choices for those well versed in gastronomy, the Upstate actively reaches beyond its borders. The Peace Center and award winning suspension bridge cover the other half of the Upstate in terms of culture. We decided to visually tie the concept of global thinking to icons of the aforementioned. Using Bibendum as inspiration, we fashioned a tire-gauntlet using our theme represented as jewels to serve as decoration. It’s entitled “The Infini-TIRE Gauntlet”.

About the Team

Daniel Cvammen and Justin Thompson are teachers at Mauldin High School. Collectively, they cover various levels of art which includes 2D drawing and painting as well as 3D sculpture.