Edventure (Maker Team)

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Edventure (Maker Team)

About the Artwork

This work of art, takes a very personal approach to the theme of International Inclusion. By allowing local South Carolinian’s the opportunity to share what they have learned from their experiences with internationals and foreign culture here in S.C.- we bypass a single artist’s subjective interpretation. Instead, we put you- the viewer- in the witness stand, and allow your testimony to show fellow South Carolinians how you have welcomed people of all nations and gained knowledge from their culture and talents.

About the Team

I’m a Maker, by hobby and by trade! I currently manage the Maker Program at Edventure Children’s Museum- where I aim to get kids excited about practicing inventiveness. It’s an awesome thought to realize that every Innovator started by tinkering somewhere. We want future South Carolina Innovators to start early.

I also dabble in my own projects at home and on the side where I take on ambitious projects and problem solve, till I’m happy with the results. For more information, check out my website at http://early18.wix.com/teacher