Artist Dawnyelle Moore

participating on behalf of

Calvary Home for ChildrenĀ (Anderson, S.C.)

About the Artwork

Through my lens, I see the Upstate as a weaving of international people and their cultures. There are many layers, many patterns, and many lifestyles that create a unique kinship. In my Inspired Tire piece, I have shown this through a variety of materials from around the world, and fabric created with the pattern of Michelin tires woven through each other creating a rhythm and harmony of its own.

About the Team

Dawnyelle Moore was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. She graduated with a studio degree in Art from Eckerd College and proceeded to expand her career by teaching Art at the middle/high level. Eight years ago she and her husband moved to the Upstate of South Carolina where she is currently raising two children and continuing to grow and learn in the arts. Dawnyelle can often be found picking up discarded items left behind by others to add to her assemblages. She enjoys taking what is forgotten and giving it new life and a new story in her art.