Buffalo Elementary School

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Buffalo Elementary School

About the Artwork

The Upstate of South Carolina is a uniquely diverse community. Much like Noah’s Ark, its inhabitants come from all over, in many different shapes and sizes. Despite our differences, we are all made of the same stuff, as signified by the wire that makes up each animal. The ark had to have a variety of animals in order to accomplish what it was meant to, just as we do in our community; without diversity, we cannot grow. When we all come together for a common purpose, regardless of our different views and backgrounds, we can change the world.

About the Team

I represent Buffalo Elementary in Union County, a low-income school with high potential. The students at my school are very creative when given the opportunity, and it’s my dream to inspire them in as many unique ways as possible by building a more dignified art program. When you foster a child’s imagination, the possibilities are limitless. In addition to aiding the arts, I would like to improve the workplace by replacing school materials that are outdated. With the help of my dad, Alan Lockman, I was able to put together a project that I hope will make Buffalo Elementary proud.